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A Safe Guide to a Wild Animal Encounter at Home

Human population has taken over more than half space available on Earth. Nearly no regions are humans-free, except the ocean. As a consequence, wild animals are forced by the condition to coexist among humans. And it leads to human and wild animal encounter that may or may not be beneficial to both. But because human is at the peak of the ecosystem, we are the ones responsible for thinking about the correct way to react when we get a wild animal at our house.

Identifying the Visitors

a rat's nesting close to the houseWe share the nature with animals, so we are not going to use the term, “perpetrator,” to them. We perceive them as visitors, instead. Having the right mindset about nature is vital because it raises our awareness of the importance of balanced ecosystem. Having too much of rodent population can shift the equilibrium of the food chain. But having too few of them will make the bug population proliferating and will increase the risk for them to swarm the place.

Now, let us learn what animals that humans frequently meet face to face in their house:

  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Moles
  • Bats
  • Rats

Those animals are typically dormant toward humans. And only in few cases they can become aggressive, such as when they are starving, in mating season, or marking their territories.

Unprepared Encounter

trapping a raccoonRaccoons will usually flee as soon as they see humans. But during the night, they may come in a pack, which makes them braver and more difficult to drive out. In that situation, it is better for you to back off to the house.

If the pack of raccoons is messing with your garbage, wear long trousers and gloves, and try to scare them with something that can keep your distance. Raccoon’s bite can be nasty, do not take your chances.

If the occasions happen for multiple times, it means that the pack lives close to your house. Do not waste your time by trying to track them down by yourself. It is time for you to contact professional animal control, such as Patriot Wildlife Control – Germantown Tennessee. They are the best service in town, and they can handle many kinds of wild animal disturbance.

Another good thing about hiring an animal control service is that they know the right way to deal with the animals without hurting them. Remember that the ideal of our life is to coexist peacefully with wildlife. Violence and abuse toward animals are barbaric and ignorant.


an electric fence too keep the beasts outGrowing edible veggies on the lawn attract moles and rodents. Having a fish pool outdoors can also be perceived as an invitation to carnivorous animals. One way to prevent animal encounters is to build a fence around the house.

There are many types of fence, and to choose the most suitable one, you need to consult a fence installation service. In some extreme occasions, such as in a place where an encounter with bears is frequent, an electric fence can be necessary. And installing it with DIY (Do It Yourself) ways is highly inadvisable.