a house with a flag on the front porch

The History of American Homes

The field of architecture has been a subject of massive developments and changes for centuries. In most cases, the models and designs of the previous era still play a crucial role in shaping the overall design, making it hard to resist the idea of combining two or more styles in a building. Even if one purchases a brand new home, traces of the past will still be visible to the trained eyes. Thus, let us begin the discussion in this article by highlighting a statement that today’s architecture contains the DNA from several other styles that were prominent in the previous decades, and such combinations are the results of acculturation and the development of civilization.

During the past years when immigration and foreign newcomers were a widespread phenomenon, it was common for people to combine the existing and new cultures to form an artistic dwelling. Although things were a matter of preferences, we cannot deny that the acculturation was a visible mark of a progressive society. Some people may opt to build Victorian-style houses, while some others would go for a more modern touch. Either way, it reinforces the earlier statement that home designs are a subject of cultural adaptations.

Before the 1960s

a stone house with green lawnSome names were prominent before the 1960s. From colonial style to neoclassicism, American history had come a long way, and each decade had their authenticity when it comes to the architectural designs. During the American Revolution, for example, many newcomers brought many different styles from many different countries, such as England, French, and Germany. All these architectural types often stood up on its own, but, in most cases, they were mixed to create a new look. But for the most part, these houses were built mostly from wood as one of the most affordable building materials.

The Victorian era marked the beginning of the use of house ornaments to create the fancy look. These ornaments included wallpapers and furniture. The style carried on through the Gilded Age and made its way through the era of the wars. Although many people opted to build more resilient houses, eliminating the use of house ornaments, the style remained one of the most significant architectural influences during the era.

The Present Days

The technological advances have successfully made the field of architecture a sector of experiments. Although traces from the past time are sometimes still visible, architects of today’s era tend to focus on a more sophisticated way of designing and building homes. The 3D rendering service, for example, has been the choice of many architects. Fortunately, some of these guys provide 3d architectural rendering services near you so that you will not need to travel far to find the best service.